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Can I become reseller?

Send an e-mail to for information.


Warranty period

The legal guarantee applies to all products that you purchase from us. Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can expect in all reasonableness. A factory warranty also applies to some products. This warranty does not affect the legal guarantee.

In addition to the legal warranty, you will receive an additional 24-month warranty on your device from the date of purchase. This additional warranty does not affect the legal guarantee. User damage or misuse is not covered by the warranty.

Shipping costs

What are the shipping costs?

There are no shipping costs for the Netherlands.


Outside of the Netherlands? Send us an e-mail about the shipping cost.


What is a refurbished device?

Our devices are reviewed and checked by certified technicians, damaged components are replaced and after the final quality check the device is officially a Digihouse Refurbished smartphone or tablet.


I can't seem to find the model or color that I'm looking for

If an item or desired color is not shown on the website, it could be that the item is out of stock.

For info send us an e-mail